Policy for quality, environment and workplace health & safety

FIAMM Energy Technology Group intends to be a global player in the changing and evolving market of energy.


We stand alongside our customers on the energy transition path towards a sustainable future. We pursue excellence while respecting the environment, society and local communities.


We design and manufacture products keeping Health and Safety, Quality, Environment and Energy efficiency as the main drivers for all of us and for our partners.


FIAMM Energy Technology values the needs of the stakeholders and considers the Customer Satisfaction as the successful factor for a sustainable growth. Therefore, FIAMM is committed to:


- Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and norms in the markets in which it operates

- Provide safe working conditions to prevent injuries and occupational diseases

- Provide appropriate resources and roles to maintain and improve the relevant Management Systems

- Define appropriate objectives and monitor them in terms of effectiveness and efficiency

- Satisfy the Customer Specific Requirements, as well as all the adopted quality requirements and product standards

- Protect the environment by reducing air pollution and promoting a respectful use of all natural resources, considering the entire product life cycle.


The adoption of Certified Management System Standards that promote a risk-based thinking approach, and a continuous improvement attitude, are the way to aim for an even better performance. FIAMM Energy Technology believes in communication as the key means to develop the appropriate people awareness, enhancing their commitments.



Montecchio Maggiore, April 10th 2024