Policy for quality, environment and workplace health & safety

FIAMM Energy Technology is a leading Group for energy accumulators that intends to be a pioneer in the global market of energy. The research and development of innovative solutions is our main characteristic. Our mission is contributing to global development and progress with our products and leadership, in accordance with our targets on quality, sustainability, safety and energy balance.


Our commitments are mandatory for FIAMM Energy Technology Group, its production plants and companies, and they are also compliant with voluntary standards.


In regarding Quality, Environment, Health & Safety in the Workplace and Energy Saving as a matter of priority, for the purpose of sustainable development aligned with the expectation of the interested parties, FIAMM Energy Technology Group is committed to:


-  comply with all the applicable quality requirements, according to the regulations related to certifications and the specific needs of Customers

-  use communication tools inside the Group, to grant the correct flow of information, making sure to share the needs of Customers with all the functions that contribute to the development, production and marketing of products

-  comply with all the legal requirements also related to energy efficiency, energy use and consumption, including compliance obligations

-  provide safe working conditions to prevent injuries and illnesses related to work

-  as regards health & safety protection, to consult workers and promote their involvement also through their representatives

-  protect the environment and prevent pollution, respecting sustainability also in view of its products life cycle

-  always promote the improvement of its management systems, to improve also its performance.


In order to pursuit its commitments, FIAMM Energy Technology is following the “risk-based thinking” concept to manage its business, extending it to all the organizational levels, planning and implementing all the necessary actions to face risks and take opportunities.



Montecchio Maggiore, 1st September 2020