MotorEnergy FB Technology

The new FB technology range for scooters and small motorcycles.

Bike applications are the most diverse, spanning from scooters and powerful motorcycles to niche applications like jet skis and snowmobiles. To provide effective solutions for all needs, FIAMM has created the new Motor Energy range, a concentrate of energy for engines.

The advantage is that the battery can be activated whenever it is needed. Dry charge batteries can be stored for a long time. The acid bottle provided with the battery allows it to be prepared for use at any time.

Top starting power, always. Special additives specifically formulated to reduce damage caused by sulphation of plates during deep discharge of the battery, guaranteeing starting even in difficult conditions. (This technology is implemented in all FB models).

A special lead alloy reduces water consumption, the self-discharge of the battery and need for maintenance, as a consequence.

More than 50 models of batteries for all types of motorbikes.


Regulation (EU) 2019/1148: the acquisition, introduction, possession or use of sulfuric acid are subject to a restriction: it shall not be made available to, or introduced, possessed or used by members of the general public. The acquisition, introduction, possession or use of sulfuric acid by members of the general public are subject to the reporting obligation. Economic operators shall be responsible for providing information to their personnel on the manner in which explosives precursors are to be made available under Regulation and for raising personnel awareness in this regard. To know more about the regulation, click HERE.

NOTE: sale to professional users of the following countries: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Norway, Germany, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Greece, Croatia, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark.