The EVO-Lution of traditional lead-acid batteries.

ecoFORCE AFB® (Advanced Flooded Battery) is the best solution for vehicles equipped with Start&Stop system which require a higher energy support than that offered by conventional SLI batteries.
The battery is characterized by a withstand to cycles two times higher (than a traditional battery): in queues or at traffic lights, ecoFORCE AFB® provides power to all electrical components when the engine is off and a reliable RE-starting of the car.

Batteries for Start&Stop applications must be replaced with Start&Stop batteries taking care to use the same technology:


For some cars, in addition to the indispensable diagnostic system, it may be necessary to enter some codes.
Through this LINK you can access the application that will allow you to obtain the necessary codes.




Original Quality Spare Part

The Original Quality batteries are produced in the same production plants where also original equipment batteries are manufactured, all certi ed according to the Automotive Standard IATF 16949. They use the same technology, manpower, equipments according to the technical specifications of the OEM involved.


Car with Start&Stop