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Delta Ricambi visits the Veronella lab

A meeting was held at the R&D laboratory of the Veronella production plant on 16 October.

The meeting, organised with the collaboration of the agent for the Veneto-Trentino area and the reference sales manager, involved our customer Delta Ricambi of Padua and some 20 FIAMM Network workshops from the area.

It took place in three moments throughout the morning. The initial welcome was followed by a guided tour of the R&D lab, during which the guests, divided into groups, were accompanied through all stages and departments of the laboratory.

This was followed by a classroom training session in which many interesting topics were addressed, focusing on the battery, the new standards relating to the performance levels to be indicated on the label and the FIAMM Network workshop network.

The morning ended with a lunch attended by everyone.

The feedback received from FN workshops and the spare parts dealers was very positive.