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ALL-ENERGY Australia Conference and Exhibition.

On October 11 and 12th 2017 the ALL-ENERGY Australia Conference and Exhibition took place 2017 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Australia is one of the biggest and fastest-growing markets for energy storage, and ALL-ENERGY is the most important event every year. The Conference and Exhibition are attended by industry patrons and system integrators from all over the world and offers an important outlook of the trends and developments of energy storage and its applications to the solar and renewables industry. FIAMM ENERGY TECHNOLOGY S.p.A. of Italy signalled its focus on the Australian market by taking part to the Exhibition, and in a first since HITACHI Chemical Co. Ltd of Japan has acquired a controlling stake in FIAMM in February 2017, HITACHI CHEMICALand FIAMM were sharing a booth and presenting a joint image. Showcased were both FIAMM tubular gel solutions for residential and off-grid systems and HITACHI LL-series for commercial, industrial and grid-scale solutions. The market reception was very good, the booth was very well attended and there was a great degree of interest for all the solutions on offer and for FIAMM and HITACHI CHEMICAL establishing a direct presence in the booming Australian energy storage market.