Our energy was born long time ago, but it continues to give us the strength to achieve goals yet unreached. Thanks to the international joint venture between FIAMM Energy Technology and Hitachi Chemical, we are able to meet and anticipate the energy needs of the market, all over the world.


The joint venture falls within Hitachi Chemical’s medium-long term strategic plan, aimed at strengthening its role in the field of energy storage, through the enhancement of production capacity and through the direct presence in markets that are rapidly growing on a global scale.
This partnership enables the two companies to generate significant synergies, which improve their competitive position in the global market of energy storage, through the enhancement of the value and reputation of the FIAMM brand, and through the strengthening of FIAMM’s productive structure for batteries and of the widespread distribution of its sales network, with the aim of reinforcing the lead battery business in Europe, in the United States and in South-east Asia.
Through FIAMM Energy Technology, Hitachi Chemical can rely on FIAMM’s production plants and sales and distribution network across Europe, where the Italian company holds significant market shares in the sector of lead batteries for automotive and industrial applications, and where the popularity and reputation of the FIAMM brand is extremely high.


With a pioneering spirit capable of exploring areas yet unknown, we develop innovative solutions that cross the boundaries of chemistry and energy storage. We create wonders, that exceed the expectations of our customers and society. The mission of our products is to contribute to the development of the world as we know it: this is the challenge that allows us to open up to the world with awareness and responsibility.


Working creatively using new approaches to explore uncharted areas. Always acting as pioneers within our areas of expertise, with the passion to pursue ambitious goals beyond our capabilities.


Always behaving with a sense of duty and honesty, never putting the blame on others. Meeting the expectations of society and giving credibility to Hitachi Group.


Respecting the point of view of others, discussing in a manner that is thorough, frank, fair and impartial. Cooperating and working together to achieve a common goal once an agreement has been reached.


FIAMM Energy Technology has more than 1,000 highly qualified employees who operate and find solutions in sales and production offices all over the world. We believe that each person is the most important resource: this is why we value as much as possible the abilities and talents of every individual.


FIAMM Energy Technology offers everyone
the chance to express their potential and talent, believing in people as a fundamental resource to tackle the challenges of the present and to assure the development for the future.
We promote a multicultural environment in order to work side-by-side with colleagues and partners of every nationality.


We research and develop innovative technologies which satisfy the need for energy storage for tomorrow’s mobility and for the continuity of the energy supply.
We wish for a clean and safe future that will allow people, goods and information to travel at global level, thanks to cutting-edge technological solutions based on the needs of our customers and society.