Company Code of Ethics

Ethics in business is an extremely important approach for good management and credibility of a company towards its shareholders, customers, suppliers and, in general, for the whole economic context in which it operates. FIAMM Energy Technology Group uses the knowledge and appreciation of ethical values that are both present and evident within the organization to ensure a competitive advantage.

The Board of Directors of FIAMM Energy Technology S.p.A. (”FET”) therefore decided – based on instruction issued time ago within FIAMM S.p.A. – to update this Code of Ethics, which aims to confirm the commitment to fairness, loyalty, integrity and transparency of conduct in the management of relationships both internally and towards third parties. Recipients of the Code of Ethics are all people who operate in FET, or in the Controlled Companies in compliance with the current law (“FET Group”).

In particular, are Recipients of the Code of Ethics:
■ people who have management, control, representation, administration and direction functions;
■ people subordinated to direction or supervision.
These people have therefore to be aware of the content of the Code of Ethics, respect it and contribute – each according to his responsibility – to its implementation and to spread its principles and standards.
The Code of Ethics is communicated also to those having business relationships with FET Group (customers, suppliers including consultants, other partners, etc.).
Suppliers, customers and other partners are contractually committed to respect human rights, laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate and to enforce them by their suppliers.
The rules contained in the Code of Ethics integrate the conduct that the Recipients are required to observe according to the civil and penal laws in force in all countries in which the company operates and according to any obligations within collective negotiation. Recipients of the Code of Ethics who breach its rules compromise the relationship of trust with FET Group and will be subject to relative penalties.
The implementation of the Code of Ethics is a responsibility of the Governing Bodies of each FET Group Company. Individuals with tasks of organization, direction and control are required
to enforce it within the limits of their powers.