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Reacting to the Covid-19 crisis: the case of FIAMM Energy Technology

An example of prompt reaction to the unexpected health crisis is what happened to FIAMM Energy Technology, which introduced new practices in the company for staff management, obtaining extremely positive feedbacks from its employees.


The central headquarter in Montecchio Maggiore and the productive plants with staff able to work from home, immediately activated themselves in the emergency’s first days, forestalling, in some cases, the anti-contagion measures provided by competent authorities afterwards. Before the full lockdown, the headquarter maximized the modality of remote work and in a couple of weeks it was made possible for workers to be fully operative from home, even for those who were not equipped with PCs and mobile phones. The headquarter almost completely closed down all throughout the whole emergency period. Motivating messages were sent to all corporate staff by the CEO, Owa Fujio.


After a few weeks, the result of this new working model has promptly been monitored thanks to a survey sent to employees, and the replies obtained were very positive.


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