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Innovative energy for a sustainable world

FZSONICK supplies innovative storage systems based on the new technology sodium nickel chloride batteries, safe and environmentally friendly, by providing modular energy storage solutions ranging in size from small residential systems to get up to large accumulation stations to support grid services.







Meet our team at the 8th Energy Storage World Forum in Rome 27-30 April 2015

The 8th Programme features 50+ New topics across generation, transmission and distribution. It also includes a full day on self-consumption and behind the meter as well as a masterclass on Microgrids.

95% of the speakers are new professionals including 26 Utilities/TSOs/DSOs, 6 EPCs and Project Developers and 6 Countries’ Regulators such as: TERNA, ERDF, EDP, E.ON.

Fiamm will have an exhibition booth at the event, ask for Samuele Lupatini or Nicola Cosciani.

Access the latest programme here: http://goo.gl/NfEBCK

Register here: http://goo.gl/8QbB3w

For any other questions please call the Energy Storage World Forum at +44 208 432 0886


2014-06-12 / FIAMM broadcast live on tv in USA!FIAMM broadcast live on tv in USA!


FIAMM was among the protagonists of the weekly nationwide news program Platts Energy Week, featuring as the only energy storage Company asked to provide expert commentary on the impact of the new emission regulations released last week by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Platts Energy Week is an independent energy news and information program where prominent decision makers in government, industry and markets gather to provide information to help gauge opportunities and risks associated with energy investments and trading.

On Sunday, June 8th the focus was on U.S. EPA'S carbon Emissions Rules and what’s next in the energy storage industry: energy, environmental and political circles are buzzing about EPA’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2030. EPA expects each state to enact the Clean Power Plan but is offering extensive flexibility

Energy storage historically has played a minor role in U.S. power grid operations but some say the market for this technology may soon take off if the EPA’s planned carbon-emissions cuts force greater reliance on renewable energy.

Peter Thomas, chief strategic officer for FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions, explained the scenario. The other interviewees were the former chairman of the Colorado Public Service Commission, the former head of the EPA emissions department and the top lawyer for the Environmental Defense Fund.

Please follow the link below for watching the live TV interview: http://www.plattstv.com/?WT.mc_id=ACAM201406SM_EWTV_Weekly_June8&WT.tsrc=Eloqua

Stay tuned!



FIAMM is among the protagonists of SOLAR EXPO – THE INNOVATION CLOUD, that will take place in Milan from 7 to 9 may 2014.

With its technologic leadership, FIAMM would make his bid for being a frontrunner within the electrical and electronic field, in the realization of “smart home” with  its leading products: RES systems for residential storage with lead batteries and the residential "all-in-one" storage system with FIAMM SoNick salt batteries, by confirming his presence in the global market for renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Come and join us at booth H14, hall 6!

2014-04-04 / FIAMM will be among the main protagonists at the Energy Storage World ForumFIAMM will be among the main protagonists at the Energy Storage World Forum


FIAMM is among the main protagonists and Platinum Sponsors for the seventh Energy Storage World Forum, the most important event worldwide for the main players involved with smart grid applications for the energy storage sector.

From 1 to 4 April, more than 70 speakers from 24 countries, representing governments, institutions, universities, research institutes, and numerous large-scale companies, including RWE, Enel, Endesa, British Gas, UK Power Networks, Terna, will gather in the British capital to discuss the most recent developments in the field of energy storage systems, mainly focusing upon the technologies, the standards and the international political strategies.


Thanks to its reconfirmed partnership with Dufresne, the Forum's organizer, FIAMM has also reaffirmed its desire to play a key role in the development of energy storage systems: in a context that alternates between conferences, informal encounters and targeted meetings among operators and professionals, FIAMM will contribute its own technical expertise and business experience with presentations by Nicola Cosciani, CEO of FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions, and Samuele Lupatini, the Sales & Marketing Manager for FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions.


2014-03-12 / FIAMM Proud Gold Sponsor of ENERGY STORAGE, DüsseldorfFIAMM Proud Gold Sponsor of ENERGY STORAGE, Düsseldorf


FIAMM invites you to visit us at Energy Storage Europe, taking place from the 25-27 March 2014 in the Congress Center Düsseldorf Süd, Germany. Please stop by our booth #B21 in the Pavilion to see FIAMM’s state-of-the-art energy storage solutions.

This International Conference and Exhibition for the Storage of Renewable Energies includes over 700 Industry experts networking from 30 countries, 60 speakers, 50 exhibitors and 30 media partners.

We will be showcasing our groundbreaking solutions based on Sodium Nickel Chloride technology and the energy storage solution for residential applications(RES) based on Gel VRLA technology.

We look forward to seeing you in Düsseldorf!

2013-09-04 / FIAMM SoNick salt batteries choice for power intensive storageFIAMM SoNick salt batteries choice for power intensive storage


The temporary companies consortium composed by the parent company FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions, Tozzi Sud and Nidec Asi, won the tender held by Terna for supplying 3 MW for the Codrongianos electric station in northern Sardinia.
The tender,dedicated to sodium chloride nickel solutions, is part of the impressive TERNA’s plan for safety, security of networks and modernization of the national electric system: TERNA is the first TSO in the world to enter storage solutions in his development plans.
FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions will provide 4 BESS Spring164 for a total of 256 FIAMM Sonick batteries , able to storage 4,150 kWh. The plant is aimed to stabilize the grid by storing the power station energy and make it available during the peak electricity demand and voltage drops.




 FIAMM scores another key International success winning a key project in the Energy Storage world.  The tendering agency of the project, named Toucan Project, is EDF Energies Nouvelles France, the French Multi Utility Company which called for an European tender for the construction of an accumulation and distribution plant of electric energy in French Guiana.

Toucan Project, which is already in course of design and "turn key" delivery within July 2014, provides that FIAMM shall be the supplier of 5 units BESS FIAMM SPRING 164 for a total of 288 FIAMM ST 523 accumulators, suitable to offer a 4500 kWh storage capacity and a maximum release power towards the distribution grid of 1500kW x 3h. The 5 containers provided by FIAMM will be connected to the photovoltaic panels in the plant prepared in the area near to Montsinery, in the backland of the French Guiana, whose energy will be stored by them during the day for releasing it during the night hours. 



2013-05-21 / FIAMM ESS at ESA 2013!FIAMM ESS at ESA 2013!


From the 20th to 22nd of May FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions will attend - as Megawatt Sponsor - ESA 2013, the Electricity Storage Association Conference that will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, California.

The ESA Annual Meeting represents the premier industry forum for leaders driving the evolution and integration of electricity storage systems and technologies: over 60 speakers will discuss in the heart of Silicon Valley about the main themes in today's emerging Energy Storage sectors by promoting the development and the commercialization of competitive and reliable energy storage systems.

Come and visit FIAMM at booth #409!

2013-05-15 / FIAMM ESS and the Smart polygeneration microgrid projectFIAMM ESS and the Smart polygeneration microgrid project


In 2013 FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions took part in the project " Smart microgrids polygeneration,  an agreement between Siemens Italy and the University of Genoa for the installation of a micro-grid in the campus of Savona.
The aim of the project is is to realize a model able to regulate the production and the energy consumption of Savona campus. FIAMM will provide a BESS system composed by six FIAMM SoNick batteries: the system will be able to guarantee an accumulation energy of not less than 50 kWh (ready to be expanded up to 100 kWh) and manage the accumulation of the energy produced by photovoltaic, micro gas turbine and solar concentration systems .
This demo  project is a starting point replicable also in large-scale, involving also urban and metropolitan areas . In a future not too far away , the concept of " Smart City " could become a reality and not just a futuristic project.



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