Batteries play a crucial role in the support of a constant supply of electrical energy. A well-designed battery solution supports many critical applications in today’s energy dependent world. The loss of a critical system due to power issue could have disastrous consequences from the loss of critical data or to systems that protects and support life itself.

Almost every UPS system is unique. Each system is a variable list of criteria from the power required to back up each application and the operating parameters such as space and environment.

Developing the right power solution for non-standard UPS systems requires design and system knowledge and a comprehensive product range. We call is experience.

Fiamm Energy Technology has been making reserve or backup power batteries for over 50 years. Among our full range of lead acid batteries, we manufacture highly reliable UPS backup batteries with maximized energy density that guarantee outstanding performances in high-rate discharge and provide a stable power supply for the integrity and security of data center and data management sites.

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