Quality, Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health Policy

FIAMM Energy Technology POLICIES

FIAMM Energy Technology (A Hitachi Group Company) produces and sells balleries and wants to meet and anticipate the energy needs of the market, all over the world.
With a pioneering spirit capable of exploring areas yet unknown, we develop innovative solutions that cross the boundaries of chemistry and energy storage.
The mission of our products is to contribute to the development of the world as we know it: this is the challenge that allows us to open up to the world with awareness and responsibility.

Quality Policy
FIAMM Energy Technology wants to offer Products and Services that satisfy Customer expectations at the best, guaranteeing:

Quality top priority and customer first
Based on the idea that Quality is first priority for our products, we are committed to satisfy the customer expectations, to gain his trust with the objective to increase the growth of the Company.

Development of new technologies, products and implementation of tests and production trials
We are committed to identify customer needs and market expectations, develop new technologies, products and make sure to implement tests and Quality checks as well as production trials to guarantee the product compliance.

Establishment of Quality and ispection checks from the customers standpoint
All functions are committed to deliver products and services of Quality, acting with responsibility and evaluating the products or service from the customer standpoint.

Solution of non-comformities with cooperative approach recurrence prevention
In case of non-conformities or Quality problems, we are committed to take care of them with responsibility and open mind, in order to find the root cause and solve them with a cooperative approach.
We are committed to protect customers and to take these situations as opportunities to prevent the recurrence.

Execution of education and Quality maintenance and improvement
We are committed to provide training on Quality principles to all employees in order to make company-wide efforts to maintain and improve Quality of our products and services.

Environmental Policy
FIAMM Energy Technology is committed to comply with all environmental obligations and any additional one established within the organization and to implement, maintain and guarantee the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System in order to improve its performance. lt is also committed to protect and to sensitize all staff to promote the concepts of respect and protection of the environment.
Being sensitive to the prevention and reduction of pollution, it promotes continuous improvement activities on product and process, ensuring that the targets are set coherently with the strategic guidelines and the context in which it operates, taking care of natural resources and energy.
FIAMM Energy Technology is committed to ensure the constant improvement of the level of efficiency of the products, the equipments and manufacturing activities, as well as to follow any new environmental requirements, to collaborate actively with any local or other external party for the solution of any specific environmental problems.
Finally, FIAMM Energy Tcchnology is also committed to communicate within the Organization and to make this policy available to all interested parties.

Occupational Safety and Health Policy
FIAMM Energy Technology is committed to follow safety and health legislation. FIAMM Energy Technology considers Health and Safety as FIRST PRIORITY and is daily committed to evaluating, managing, mitigate and eliminate the risks related to health and safety.
FIAMM Energy Technology is also committed to improve safety and health work environment, to prevent health diseases and injuries, enhance safety and health awareness, develop safety culture, implement continuous improvement activities and ensure sustainable development.

The adoption of continuous improvement approach and concept of risk-based thinking extended to alI levels of the organization, is the method that FIAMM Energy Technology intends lo adopt in its daily business management, planning and implementing actions that address risks and opportunities with the dual objective of achieving better results and predicting negative effects.

Montecchio Maggiore, May 20th, 2019