FIAMM is Europe’s leading supplier of small sealed lead acid batteries. Our unrivalled ranges of lead acid batteries start as small as 1.2 Ah and all carry the promise of FIAMM quality and
The list of applications is endless. For example, in hospitals life support and diagnostic tools need to be moved around. This equipment not only diagnoses symptoms but is often used to save lives.

Personal safety in public buildings is paramount. Laws demand safety precautions that include emergency exits lights. Imagine what would happen if the power failed in a building and emergency exits could not be located. Our batteries are there, waiting, always ready, in case of emergency.
In security systems, small batteries back-up surveillance cameras and alarms, help to protect property and people from danger.

FIAMM, helping society to keep safe and secure.

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General Purpose AGM Battery

Wide sealed lead acid range with 6V and 12V models, maintenance-free with a design life of 5 years

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General Purpose AGM Battery

AGM maintenance-free range designed for a wide range of applications with a 10 years design life

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