OPzV Maintenance-Free, GEL cell

The SMG with tubular die casted positive grid is a range designed for applications where performance and operating conditions are critical. They are maintenance-free and combine the benefits of a gelled electrolyte which provides longer life and the ability to operate across a wide temperature range.
The SMG range is made up of 2V cells and conforms to international OPZV standards DIN 40742 norm. They are constructed to provide a high level of robustness for applications where charge-discharge cycles need to operate at the maximum levels of reliability. Separators have extremely high porosity: this feature allows intense cyclic usage and an ABS flame retardant case, classified to UL94 V0 with LOI >28% is available on request. The range is maintenance-free with a low self-discharge making the battery an ideal solution for periods when batteries may be stored or for off-float charge. The SMG 2V range can be installed horizontally in dedicated racks which save installation valuable space and is eco-friendly with all components fully recyclable at the end of life.