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BLACKBODY. Light of design.

BLACKBODY, as Astron FIAMM brand and OLED pioneer, transform light into bright, ultra-flat surfaces of just 2mm in thickness, which offer high energy savings and low temperatures, and are capable of being moulded to assume any shape and colour.





2013-11-18 / BLACKBODY inaugurates OLED showroom in New YorkBLACKBODY inaugurates OLED showroom in New York


Research, design and custom-made creativity: BLACKBODY revolutionizes the concept of lighting in home design.

Blackbody , French-Italian brand that interprets the OLED (organic led) in design lighting systems arrives in the United States with the opening of the first showroom in the world entirely dedicated to this revolutionary light source that, due to its characteristics, lends itself to endless creative and application opportunities.

The location chosen by Alessandro Dolcetta and Bruno Dussert -Vidalet, co- founders of BLACKBODY, for what they call a 'hybrid ' between a showroom and an atelier, is Soho, one of the most fashionable and trendy quarter of the Big Apple.

BLACKBODY, with the direct supervision, prepares to deal with the promising American market, starting from the most cosmopolitan and dynamic metropolis, New York, where the building and redevelopment market, especially of luxury real estate, knows no crisis and where architects and designers of recognized reputation have their offices.

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