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2017-02-15 / FIAMM and Hitachi Chemical announce closure of the deal, FIAMM Energy Technology SpA is bornFIAMM and Hitachi Chemical announce closure of the deal, FIAMM Energy Technology SpA is born


The agreement signed on 28 November 2016 was completed within the expected time, laying the basis for the creation of the Italian-Japanese joint venture, the last act in a long process of assessme ...

2017-02-08 / FIAMM with ARUBA in data centres and on race tracksFIAMM with ARUBA in data centres and on race tracks


Aruba has chosen FIAMM experience for the Power Continuity Solution needs of their data centres and has equipped their UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) modules with new FLB700 batteries made by ...

2017-02-07 / FIAMM Energy Technology at Transpotec 2017 – Aftermarket VillageFIAMM Energy Technology at Transpotec 2017 – Aftermarket Village


FIAMM Energy Technology will attend for the first time to Transpotec 2017. The exhibition, that will take place in Verona from the 22nd to the 25th February 2017, represents an interesting appoint ...

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Research & Development


Sustainable Innovation

Innovative Energy for a sustainable world.

The Energy Storage Solutions division designs and manufactures Energy storage plants with FIAMM SoNick batteries, featuring safe and environment friendly sodium nickel chloride technology. FIAMM SoNick energy storage solutions are combined with generation plants, ranging from renewable Energy sources (solar/wind) to off-grid micro-grids powered by diesel generators and even traditional power grids.

The development of Astron FIAMM’s OLED technology, on the other hand, allows for considerable Energy savings for auto motive applications, in terms of ultra-thin interior and rear lights, as well as for the general lightning applications manufacturedby Blackbody, thanks to their unique and elegant design.

FIAMM Mobility Power Solutions contributes to the reduction of automotive CO2 emissions thanks to the use of AGM and AFB batteries, which are designed to support the new Start&Stop systems.

FIAMM Horns and Antenna Systems is also focused upon security and communication through the development of innovative horns, sophisticated antennas and systems for receiving satellite radio.

FIAMM Industrial Batteries with sodium technology allow drastic reduction of air conditioning in the battery room and significant saving of diesel in gen-set installations in remote areas. 




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