OPzS Flooded Cell

The LM series is an OPzS vented range designed by FIAMM to meet DIN 40736 standard. Typical applications include telecommunication, industrial UPS, utilities, industry, railways and Oil & Gas applications.
The LM series has been designed to provide users with a highly robust and are particularly suitable for applications where discharge cycles need to be one of the highest levels of reliability. As a result of this, the range capacity exceeds the specification laid down by the DIN standard. This performance is achieved as a result of a low antimony alloy tubular die casted plate which provides very low water consumption over the life of the product. The design has been optimized to lower self-discharge during storage. All these outstanding features add up to a longer life product with lower maintenance costs. Like all FIAMM lead-acid batteries, the LM range is eco-friendly and fully recyclable at the end of life.