Cyclic Maintenance-Free, AGM battery

FIAMM has developed the FHC family which is designed using our superior grid alloy technology to withstand applications where there is a need to frequently charge and discharge the battery. Standard batteries that are subjected to heavy cyclic duty can be damaged by these demands. The carbon and expanders additives on negative plate allows Partial State Of Charge (PSOC) operation.
The FHC range is designed with a front terminal layout set-up , and can be installed in standard 19” and 23” racks and cabinets. This design allows easy access during the routine visual inspections. Internally, high-quality microporous separators are used to control recombination currents and avoid thermal runaway. The exterior construction used a flame retardant ABS-PC plastic compliant to UL94 V0 (LOI greater than 28%) – this guarantees a high level of safety and superior thermal stability to avoid case bulging.
The FHC range is based on proven VRLA technology and is 99% recyclable at the end of its life. The battery is maintenance-free and requires no routine topping-up of the electrolyte. The range carries a non-hazardous designation and can be transported by road, rail or air.


AGM technology