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New range of FIAMM Motor Energy batteries

Bike applications are the most diverse, spanning from scooters and powerful motorcycles to niche applications like jet skis and snowmobiles.


To provide effective solutions for all needs, FIAMM has created the new Motor Energy range, that includes batteries with AGM technology, ready to use and maintenance free, and with FB technology flooded dry charge.


The new range of Motor Energy starter batteries also complies with EU Regulation 2019/1148 relating to the placing on the market of explosives precursors.


In fact, some substances, including the sulfuric acid used to fill the lead-acid motorcycle batteries, are subject to restrictions and limitations on sale to the public in order to limit their availability for private individuals since their availability, introduction, possession and use could be misused for the illicit manufacture of explosives.


Consult the new brochure dedicated to the range of Motor Energy batteries here