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FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions provides solutions for residential systems designed to store independently excess energy self-generated from renewable sources in order to to use it deferred, ensuring a greater autonomy and independence from the grid, as well for back-up in case of need.

The residential storage systems can be applied to renewable distributed generation systems (namely photovoltaic systems between 3 and 20 kWp), which can supply a single house, a shelter or an office, both on-grid and off-grid.

FIAMM ESS provides several solutions for the storage of energy in residential applications:

• A single SoNick battery, series ST1 (48 V)

• Turn-Key solution consisting of one or more SoNick batteries, series ST1 (48V), cabinet with PV panel string input, battery charger and inverter, Energy Management system, and outlet for connection to the main electrical panel of your home.

Solution consisting of lead acid batteries (SMG), cabinet and fuse


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