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2013-11-18 / BLACKBODY inaugurates OLED showroom in New YorkBLACKBODY inaugurates OLED showroom in New York


Research, design and custom-made creativity: BLACKBODY revolutionizes the concept of lighting in home design.Blackbody , French-Italian brand that interprets the OLED (organic led) in design light ...

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For General Lighting


BLACKBODY. Light by design.

BLACKBODY, as Astron FIAMM brand and OLED pioneer, transform light into bright, ultra-flat surfaces of just 2mm in thivkness, which offer high energy savings and low temperatures, and are capable of being moulded to assume anu shape and colour.

In the hands of the most brilliant deisgners, the most innovative light source on the planet can thus be transformed into striking and futuristic lighting creations.

Effective, polymorphic, elegant and renewable, BLACBODY's OLED technology represents a new philosophy in the field of lighting that's capable of radically transforming the way we interact width light.

Making it possible to observe and touch light in complete safety.

Thenks to this innovation, BLACKBODY has succeeded in designing much more then simple lamps, and has gone on to creating light sculptures and magnificent lighting effects.




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