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2013-11-18 / BLACKBODY inaugurates OLED showroom in New YorkBLACKBODY inaugurates OLED showroom in New York


Research, design and custom-made creativity: BLACKBODY revolutionizes the concept of lighting in home design.Blackbody , French-Italian brand that interprets the OLED (organic led) in design light ...

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For Automotive


Astron FIAMM, a manufacturer of innovative lighting solutions whit OLED technology, has placed its experience at the service of the automotive industry, offering light as a distinguishing element among the various brands and models.

Astron FIAMM's OLED technology allows for the creations of ultra-thin rear turn signal lights and interior lighting elements than can be easily integrated, with various shapes and colours to be selected by the car manufacturers themselves.

Thanks to its OLED technology, Astron FIAMM has suceeded in anticipating the future lighting needs of the automotive industry.

The possibility of "designing" the OLED light source opens up a new field of expression for car designers, allowing for the visual customization of the various vehicles


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